69 People Fall Victim to Mumps Outbreak

69 People Fall Victim to Mumps Outbreak

Columbus health officials have revealed on Tuesday that at least 69 people in Franklin County, Ohio, have contracted mumps. The viral disease causes swelling of salivary glands, headaches and fever.

The disease is claimed to have spread beyond the Ohio State University's campus in Columbus. Of the 69 victims, 52 had close relations with the university. Most of the people who contracted the disease in the university are between 18 and 48 years.

Columbus Pubic Health Commissioner Dr. Teresa encouraged people to get vaccinations to stay protected. "Mumps can lead to serious complications in people who are not vaccinated, especially adults. If you have not been vaccinated against the mumps, or do not remember if you have received the protective vaccine, get vaccinated as soon as possible", said Dr. Teresa in a statement.

Health officials have advised residents to take basic precautionary measures like hand wash at regular intervals and stay indoors if feeling symptoms of the disease. Most of the victims had received the vaccinations against the disease, but vaccinations are only 80-90% effective.

Mumps is a disease that spreads easily to others and infected people spread it to others without even knowing that they have the disease. It becomes hard to control the disease when people who are not vaccinated fall victim, said Dr. Mysheika Williams Roberts, Assistant Health Commissioner and Medical Director with Columbus Public Health.

Dr. Ali Carine, an Integrative Osteopathic Pediatrician, said parents should never miss to vaccinate their children against the disease thinking that the vaccination will have ill-effects on their children or that the disease does not exist in reality.

Carine affirmed that she will never say no to any parent to provide treatment for a child who has not been vaccinated, but for sure, she will remind them how important the vaccination is to ensure the safety of their child.

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