44 Percent Twitter Users Never Tweet

44 Percent Twitter Users Never Tweet

A Twitter analytics company Twopcharts has released a report claiming that 44 percent of Twitter users do not tweet at all. As per estimates, there are over 970 million Twitter accounts. Twitter has seen tremendous growth, but the social network has been witnessing tough times recently.

The report has been published in the Wall Street Journal and this could lead to trouble for the Twitter stock. Twopcharts report indicates that users sign up for Twitter. But, they actually do not use Twitter to send tweets. Many of the users abandon the social networks when they do not have anything to share with other users.

Twopcharts report has found 241 million active Twitter users per month. This means that nearly 741 million accounts had no activity in the past one month. Out of the 241 million active users, only 83.4 million tweet more than once in a day. As per the report released, 30 percent of the Twitter users have posted 1-10 tweets only. And, the percentage of accounts having more than 100 tweets is only 13%.

Twitter has been adopted by many celebrities, companies, brands and news agencies to connect with their fans and consumers. At 44 percent, the number of Twitter users who can be counted as inactive are 430 million. Many users use Twitter to follow their favorite celebrities or to read tweets from others. They are not interested in conversation, they simply come to read tweets of others. However, the data regarding the number of users who login to their account, is only with Twitter management.

During the last earnings call, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo was asked about the number of users who actually use Twitter. The stock tanked 17% as investors were concerned about the future growth of the network.

Twitter has managed to generate good revenue but the future seems uncertain for the social network. However, the investors punished the stock after reports regarding user base growth issues came up.

The social networks have seen tremendous growth. They have been offered very high valuations by investors, considering their potential for growth. However, most of the social networks including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Yelp have failed to generate enough of revenue and profit to justify those valuations. Facebook stock remained under its IPO price for several quarters. Only in the recent quarter, Facebook stock has managed to offer decent returns for investors.


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