35,000 Walruses gather on Beach Near Point Lay

35,000 Walruses gather on Beach Near Point Lay

An estimated 35,000 walruses, a large flippered marine mammal, have been found crowded shoreline of the Northwest Alaska village of Point Lay. With the gathering of walruses, the place has been onto the world stage.
The 250 residents of the Native village have stepped up to embrace their role as environmental stewards.

A walrus specialist for the Marine Mammals Management department of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Joel Garlich-Miller, said, "These locals, these people, without a lot of funding or anything, have taken on this stewardship and protection of the haulout. They're front-line conservationists".

The walruses have started arriving onto the beach near the Northwest Alaska village of Point Lay in mid-September. The marine mammal had been arriving at the place for the past few years.

Walruses commonly haul out and take a break from feeding in the open sea. To do so, they pull themselves onto large packs of floating ice. As the ice floes are dwindling drastically in the Arctic region, a number of walruses have had to settle for land.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration had tried to observe the marine life in Alaska. On September 30, scientists within the agency had observed the wildlife of Alaska. In their annual flyover observe, the scientists had seen that a number of walruses clustered onto a sliver of northwestern Alaska coast. They have posted some of the images on Internet. According to the scientists, the lack of sea ice has forced the marine mammal onto land.

According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the sea ice has reached to its lowest extent for the year. On September 17, the agency has recorded the sixth-lowest minimum sea ice.

The world is paying attention to climate change over the past few weeks. People's Climate March on September 21 and the United Nations Climate Summit on September 23 had made the people to think seriously about climate.

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