Psychologists have found that successful people are looked at with jealousy


Successful people treat those people nicely who are jealous of them as found out by psychologists. Actually they do it out of fear because they think that they might become the target of the malicious jealousy of jealous people and get harmed.

Earlier researchers have found out that there can be two types of jealousy like benign and malicious envy. People with benign envy could try and improve themselves to take them up to the level of the people they envy. But people who have malicious envy are harmful as want to bring down people they are jealous of.

Psychopaths can differentiate rights from wrongs

Psychological Science

Psychopaths can differentiate rights from wrongs as found out by a study done in the University of Mexico by psychologists. According to the study psychopaths can't weigh the difference while taking decisions.

The research findings were published in the highly acclaimed national research journal of psychology called "Psychological Science".

The reason of psychopath’s cheating and risk taking

New Mexico University

According to a study, psychopaths, in spite of knowing right from wrong take risk or cheat as they have a weakened sense of understanding of why people need to take precautions and how social contracts work.

According to the researchers of the New Mexico University about twenty percent of the prison population of the US is psychopaths as they have a tendency to act impulsively, destructively and behave harmfully.

According to researchers even sleep can help one to learn

It is not difficult to learn a new piece of information, like a new word or a new phone number but quite difficult to get one's brain to store the information so that it is available when that person needs it.

Researches from York and Harvard Medical School had published a new study in the Journal of Neuroscience where they have claimed that sleep might help one to learn new information as well as store it in the brain.

It has been found out by those scientists that sleep can help one person to remember newly learned information and store that in the brain's dictionary.