According to researchers even sleep can help one to learn

It is not difficult to learn a new piece of information, like a new word or a new phone number but quite difficult to get one's brain to store the information so that it is available when that person needs it.

Researches from York and Harvard Medical School had published a new study in the Journal of Neuroscience where they have claimed that sleep might help one to learn new information as well as store it in the brain.

It has been found out by those scientists that sleep can help one person to remember newly learned information and store that in the brain's dictionary.


Risk of colds get reduced if one stays physically fit

physically fit

Physically fit people are less likely to catch cold or even if they catch colds it is a milder one. A new study team consisting of a team of scientists stated these facts.

The hiding spots of cancer cells have been found out by scientists

cancer cells

It has been found out by scientists that a few number of cancer cells can manage to get away form the chemotherapy by hiding them in the thymus. Immune cells mature in thymus, an organ.

Women can retrieve their life after breast cancer

One expert has come with offers for suffering breast cancer patients for retrieving their lives and maintaining good health as the month of October is being observed as the Breast Cancer Awareness month.

The director of bio behavioral sciences and co-director of the survivorship program that is happening at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Karen Syrjala, elucidated upon both the long lasting physical as well as emotional concerns cropped up from the battle with cancer.


New vaccine might help in the total eradication of Polio

People might witness the total eradication of polio from the face of earth curtsey a new vaccine as stated by researchers in their writing of the journal The Lancet.


White smokers are more susceptible to breast cancers earlier than non smokers

A study was released in the National Breast Cancer Awareness month or the Pink month which showed that smoking may aggravate the chances of getting breast cancer in white people.


Human heart gets affected by Marathon race but gets retaliated physically by human being

Human heart gets affected by Marathon race but gets retaliated physically by hum

A human heart might get damaged from running a marathon as many section of the heart’s pumping chamber can’t function at par while the race is on. This fact was given by a study.



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