ICANN Approves Range of Website Domains


"Today's decision will usher in a new Internet age”, righty quoted by New Zealander Peter Dengate Thrush, chair of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), creating waves in the international community. As per reports, ICANN, after a meeting in Singapore, green signaled an array of website addresses to end with ".shop" to ".canon".


Facebook Faces Slower Growth in May

Facebook Faces Slower Growth in May

In an unexpected result, a report by the world's largest social media site, Facebook advertising tool, has revealed slower growth in number of new users during the month of May in the US, UK, Canada, Norway and Russia.

As per the report, in the US, the site suffered a loss of almost 6 million users, while in Canada, the number drops from 52 million to 16.6 million, and the UK, Norway and Russia reported a drop in over 1,00,000 users.


WACS Will Double SA’s Broadband Capacity

WACS Will Double SA’s Broadband Capacity

The West African Cable System (WACS), a submarine telecommunications fiber optic cable started its operation in SA yesterday. The cable was first landed in Yzerfontein, in the Western Cape and was 14000km long. The cable will connect Southern Africa and Europe. WACS has become Africa’s largest-capacity cable with a capacity of 5.12Tbps.


Cape Town: The Next Big Site of Google


A “tech incubator” has been kicked off in Cape Town by the lynchpin of technology, Google to boost the strategic partnership in South Africa. Confirming the news, Luke McKend, Google South Africa Country Manager, claimed that South Africa has been the budding ground of various growing companies Yola, MXit and Twangoo.

The Umbono programme is expected to collaborate the potential of its mentor team of Google along with the investment partners, techno brats and many business leaders to devise novel business ideas.


Twitter popularity in SA surprises the experts


Managing Director of World Wide Max Mr. Arthur Goldstuck in an amazing revelation said that research made recently based on the mobile phone habits of the people in South Africa showed the use of Twitter a lot more than what was expected. The search revealed that more than 1 million people used the Twitter service in South Africa.


Growth seen in online shopping

online shopping

Almost fifty one of South Africans who can access the Internet are shopping online, and seventy five percent of those people have done so in the past three months, as revealed by the latest MasterCard worldwide survey.

The survey had shown further that the majority, almost eighty nine percent of South African online shoppers are quite satisfied with their overall online shopping experience.

All the figures mentioned above indicate that there is an improvement from the results shown in the previous years.


Vint Cerf stated that Internet Armageddon is his entire fault


The man who can be said to be the father of the internet stated that the world is going to run out of internet addresses within few days and it will be his entire fault.


Web companies got a test of free speech from hackers


Unidentified hackers, on Wednesday, tried to hack into computers of Web companies that are suspected to have harmed WikiLeaks after it leaked a series of confidential diplomatic US documents. Firms like Visa, Master Card and PayPal who had cut down the facilities of people to donate to WikiLeaks got affected as hackers tried to block access to the firms' websites and services.

The hackers had taken help of social sites like Twitter and Facebook for organizing their efforts. For this incident the web majors got involved into dispute and got into a precarious situation.


Virgin evaluating its high-speed internet network for Wi-Fi hotspots


UK Internet Service Provider, Virgin Media is evaluating its super-fast broadband cable network for creating a public wi-fi hotspot network.



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