Vint Cerf stated that Internet Armageddon is his entire fault


The man who can be said to be the father of the internet stated that the world is going to run out of internet addresses within few days and it will be his entire fault.


Web companies got a test of free speech from hackers


Unidentified hackers, on Wednesday, tried to hack into computers of Web companies that are suspected to have harmed WikiLeaks after it leaked a series of confidential diplomatic US documents. Firms like Visa, Master Card and PayPal who had cut down the facilities of people to donate to WikiLeaks got affected as hackers tried to block access to the firms' websites and services.

The hackers had taken help of social sites like Twitter and Facebook for organizing their efforts. For this incident the web majors got involved into dispute and got into a precarious situation.


Virgin evaluating its high-speed internet network for Wi-Fi hotspots


UK Internet Service Provider, Virgin Media is evaluating its super-fast broadband cable network for creating a public wi-fi hotspot network.