Barloworld might see excellent growth

Barloworld expects to witness considerable amount of growth from its purchase of the rest fifty percent shareholding in the Russian joint venture for Caterpillar and the acquisition of Bucyrus International by Caterpillar.

Barloworld reported yesterday that if it gets the regulatory and other approvals it is ready to acquire the rest fifty percent stake in Vostochnaya Technica, for its Caterpillar joint venture.


Transnet is looking at possibilities to rope in private firms

A feasibility study was being carried out by Transnet to find out whether private firms can be roped into the company. They are particularly thinking to tag private sector in the programs of expansion.

The firm finds it difficult to carry out these expansion programs alone. These facts were given yesterday by the chief executive of Transnet, Mr. Chris Wells.

According to Wells the para statal firm is considering to expand in the coal sector, iron ore and manganese lines and also the expansion of the new Durban port.



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