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Son says Reagan had Alzheimer when he was the President


Ronald Reagan's son has suggested that his father was suffering from Alzheimer's disease. He has informed this fact in his recently published book.


One of the Fringe US religious groups will protest Edward’s funeral

Edward’s funeral

One of the US border religious groups usually protests military funerals carrying banners that read "Thank God for dead soldiers" stated on Thursday that they will be protesting the funeral of Elizabeth Edwards who died of cancer in this week.

The Westboro Baptist Church made an announcement, posted on the Internet by the Huffington Post that on the 11 December, from eleven thirty am till one thirty am they will protest against the funeral of Elizabeth Edwards.


Web companies got a test of free speech from hackers


Unidentified hackers, on Wednesday, tried to hack into computers of Web companies that are suspected to have harmed WikiLeaks after it leaked a series of confidential diplomatic US documents. Firms like Visa, Master Card and PayPal who had cut down the facilities of people to donate to WikiLeaks got affected as hackers tried to block access to the firms' websites and services.

The hackers had taken help of social sites like Twitter and Facebook for organizing their efforts. For this incident the web majors got involved into dispute and got into a precarious situation.


Gold eased out after rising two percent riding on dollar


On Monday gold came down after rising two percent in the previous session reaching one thousand four hundred dollars per ounce but it might go up once more as investors might invest on the metal with weakened US dollar.

The price of Spot gold fell by 3.31 dollars per ounce to reach the amount of one thousand four hundred and eleven dollars and four cents as found at zero zero three three GMT. It went up to one thousand four hundred and fifteen dollars and thirty six cents on Friday with the fall of dollar following weak job data.


America is looking for a balanced outcome in Cancun climate talks

Cancun climate

Todd Stern, the American Special Envoy for Climate Change stated on Friday that the US is looking for a balanced outcome in the talks that takes care of every major aspects of climate change.


Crude futures seen firm before the release of the data on US jobs

Crude oil

On Friday crude futures traded steadily which was similar or very near to the Thursday's settlement level. They did not look very interested for making a break for the upside before the release of the main US nonfarm payrolls data.

The head of the retail derivatives at London Capital Group, Glen Ward stated that the nonfarm payroll in America which is awaited is considered as a vital factor for demand in the energy sector.


Euro held on to its gains but the US data seemed risky


The euro stalled on Friday after it bounced back from its two and a half month low. It could hold back all its gains made after the announcement that the ECB will buy government bonds of peripheral nations of euro-zone lowering those yields.


Gold touches near high but Euro debt woes linger


On Thursday Gold is at a firm position and reached almost its highest in nearly three-weeks at the previous session. This happened as worries over the euro debt crisis lingered in spite of hopes that the European Central Bank and the US will extend their help.

The Central Bank of Europe feels pressurized as it has to reveal its new steps for the stabilization of the euro zone at its meeting on Thursday. There is a fierce battle between the currency bloc and the debt crisis which has induced a contagion fear in the Asia as well as the US.


Due to China Policy and US inventories oil declined from its two-week high

china, united states

On Thursday oil plummeted because trades was keenly focusing on US inventories after it rallied for three percent in the previous session. At that time the data on top consumer of the US was encouraging and it drove prices to take them to their highest in three-weeks.

The prices also paid heed to the comment made by the adviser of the Chinese Central Bank. The central bank adviser stated that the monetary policy of China will be tightened gradually in the next year for addressing domestic inflation and too much of global liquidity.


Act now to hold back spread of AIDS


Just prior to the World AIDS Day a top United Nations expert stated on Wednesday that a new wave of the AIDS epidemic is seen in Britain, Germany as well as the United States, with young people getting complacent.

According to officials due to the worrying sexual behaviors of young adults especially rich country’s men and the spread of the AIDS in eastern European countries and Central Asia for the abuse of drugs has spoiled the positive signs seen in combating the disease. Infections passed from mother to the neonate have come down considerably.



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