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Comair, Transet and Eskom to receive export services via US. Bank

Comair Limited

Comair Limited (COM. JO) is the operator of the British Airways PLC's (BAY. LN) fleets based in South Africa. It is also the operator of the low fare airline franchise kulala. com.


Fried stuffs in kid’s meals

kid’s meals

In spite of promises made by some of the fast food companies, many of them are still serving unhealthy choices and meals to the children as per data given by researchers of the University of Yale's Rudd Center for Food Policy& Obesity.

As many as twelve top fast food chains marketing have been examined by the researchers looking into the amount of fat, sugar, fat calories and sodium into the kid's meals amounting to three thousand and thirty nine and as many as two thousand seven hundred and eighty one menu items.


According to researchers even sleep can help one to learn

It is not difficult to learn a new piece of information, like a new word or a new phone number but quite difficult to get one's brain to store the information so that it is available when that person needs it.

Researches from York and Harvard Medical School had published a new study in the Journal of Neuroscience where they have claimed that sleep might help one to learn new information as well as store it in the brain.

It has been found out by those scientists that sleep can help one person to remember newly learned information and store that in the brain's dictionary.


HIV taking its tolls on the aging Americans

HIV patients are getting longer lives for better treatments but older people affected with the virus are facing troubles that are posing a challenge to the health care department as per a released report.

A study was conducted in New York, on thousand old men and women, aged fifty or more, affected with the virus. It showed that older people affected with the virus showed signs of depression compared to people of their age group who are not affected with the HIV virus.


BMI outside normal range gets bad results from in vitro fertilization

Any woman having body mass index not within the normal range whether it is higher or lower gets worse results from in vitro fertilization as per demonstration of a study.


With dollar strengthening and crude stockpile rising Oil stocks decline

Stocks saw a fall today for the first time after gaining for four days in a row as investors demand for raw material lessened with the apporeciation of dollar and traders pointed out that the stockpiles of oil in the US are rising.

Oil futures fell in the tune of zero decimal six percent as dollar got appreciated versus almost all the currencies except one out of sixteen most traded currencies.


Patients might beat cancer taking Aspirin

Patients might beat cancer taking Aspirin

According to a new study, Aspirin one of the most pedestrian and ever present drug can reduce the risk of dying from prostrate cancer if the disease is localized which means it has not spread beyond the glands.

Researchers studied records of more than five thousand man suffering from prostrate cancer out of which two thousand patients were having aspirin or any other kind of blood thinner or anticoagulant and they found out that people taking blood thinner have more than fifty percent less chance of dying from cancer.


StemCyte will go into strategic partnership with Right Health Care

StemCyte will go into strategic partnership with Right Health Care

StemCyte, Inc the California-based firm proudly announced its decision to go for a new strategic partnership with Sharp HealthCare, where California's largest birthing hospital, Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women & Newborns will be included.

Sharp Mary Birch alone witnesses more than eight thousand four hundred births in a year where a total of sixteen thousand births occur in the network.



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