Thailand Plans to Distribute Leaflets on E.coli to Passengers

Thailand Plans to Distribute Leaflets on E.coli to Passengers

The Public Health Ministry has been reported to distribute leaflets to passengers arriving from 11 European countries, including Germany where E. coli was first discovered, as a means of curbing the outbreak of the fatal bacteria E. coli, which has killed 22 people in Europe.

The leaflet is said to contain information on the outbreak, and based on how to monitor your health and what to do if you are developing symptoms, such as severe diarrhea.


Europe Signed Up To 85 Billion Euro Bailout from EU & IMF

Europe Signed Up To 85 Billion Euro Bailout from EU & IMF

The International Monetary Fund has pushed Europe to take serious steps in order to tackle the debt crisis in province. The Monetary Fund said that the region is required access to more funding. An Official of the European Central Bank said that Greece is needed to rescue itself to handle with the debt crisis.

Rand Slightly Weaker Against the Dollar

Rand Slightly Weaker Against the Dollar

There has been a further slump in the value of the rand, in comparison to the dollar. This has come as a result of a weak position of the euro, due to the unforeseen drop in the Germany factory in the Month of March.

The recorded depreciation was of about 0.8%. It has now come to 6.7160 against the dollar. This is the least it went up to since the 26th of April.


Google Earth spots women giving birth on pavement

The Google Street View has shown some very strange sights in a short time since its launch.



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