Electrolux surpasses Q4 profit expectations

Electrolux surpasses Q4 profit expectations

Home appliance maker Electrolux posted a slightly bigger than expected rise in fourth quarter core earnings on Wednesday.

Europe set to launch mini 'spaceplane' Demonstrator

Europe set to launch mini 'spaceplane' Demonstrator

The unmanned Intermediate eXperimental Vehicle (IXV) is going to launch atop a Vega rocket from South America.

Euro-Area Companies step up hiring as ECB embarks on 1.1 trillion-euro quantitative-easing program


Euro-area companies have increased hiring as manufacturing and services activity from Germany to Spain accelerated faster than the estimations of economists.

Astronomers expect comet probe to wake-up near the Sun

Astronomers expect comet probe to wake-up near the Sun

Astronomers have said that they expect a dormant probe that landed on a comet to wake up again when the comet reaches near the Sun.

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