Copper prices rises high


On Monday the shanghai copper firmed slightly without getting affected fro the latest tightening move made by Beijing The long term outlook for the industrial metals remains good as there was a twenty

De Beers to reach full production in 2012 owing to an increase demand

De Beers

The rise in the demand of diamonds in China and India along with the recovery of the diamond prices in both the countries resulted in a rise in the sales and profit of De Beer, South Africa, which is

Oil inches higher above $87 a barrel in Asia

Oil inches higher above $87 a barrel in Asia

As the world economy is still fighting the after effects of the inflation, there are a lot of concern in the market since the price level of the oil continues to rise as the price have moved to $87 a

Inflation rattles the corporates in China, India

 World Economic Forum

If there is any economy that has been highly rattled by serious condition of the domestic economies then it has to be India and China as both the countries are fighting hard to get out of the severe p

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False Memories sometimes occur in Bumblebees: Study
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According to researchers at Queen Mary University of London, bumblebees are capable of keeping...


Astrazeneca’s Experimental Drug to Treat COPD Fails to Reduce Acute Exacerbation
Mon, 09/08/2014 - 13:17

On Monday, AstraZeneca PLC announced that Phase IIa study of benralizumab, an experimental drug...

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Google creates doodle for Earth day
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Internet giant, Google is marking the annual Earth Day with a special interactive doodle on its...

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