European Union got condemned by WTO on Chinese imports

Chinese imports

On Friday The European Union got condemned by the World Trade Organization for antidumping tariffs on imports it made of Chinese crews. From the incident China got its biggest legal victory as yet at the WTO based in Geneva. According to officials of the EU it was a setback for them.

According to legal experts this happened as China hire top-notch trade lawyers as a part of its effective strategy to fight foreign import tariffs. The country also lobbies heavily in the headquarters of the WTO at Geneva.


South African new reactor can generate power from 2020

Guangdong Nuclear Power Group

The Guangdong Nuclear Power Group of China, which is a probable developer of atomic plants in South Africa, stated that the country could start producing power from a new reactor in 2020 and have nine more one thousand megawatt units by 2030.

At the hearing of South Africa's Integrated Resource Plan in Johannesburg China Guangdong stated that it is possible to build a plant in South Africa independently or with Eskom Holdings Ltd. It further stated that the government may give guarantee for the power purchase agreement.

Due to China Policy and US inventories oil declined from its two-week high

china, united states

On Thursday oil plummeted because trades was keenly focusing on US inventories after it rallied for three percent in the previous session. At that time the data on top consumer of the US was encouraging and it drove prices to take them to their highest in three-weeks.

The prices also paid heed to the comment made by the adviser of the Chinese Central Bank. The central bank adviser stated that the monetary policy of China will be tightened gradually in the next year for addressing domestic inflation and too much of global liquidity.


Poultry checking has increased in Hong Kong after reports of bird flu

On Thursday, health authorities have stated that they have increased poultry checks which are coming from the Chinese mainland and also at farms and markets of the region after they received reports from the government of one confirmed bird flu case.

According to one of the top health officers of the region the risk of contracting bird flu will not go up, a woman had been detected with a variation of the disease and been hospitalized.

In 1997 the first outbreak of bird flu happened among human beings which had claimed as many as six lives.


With worries that China might step up measures to cool the economy oil trades near Nov lows

On Wednesday oil traded near early November lows with apprehension that China might take further measures to cool its economy. However the crude price did not slide further as there was a sharp decline in the US crude inventories.

The American crude for December contract called Lc1 went up by six cents to reach eighty two decimal four zero per barrel at zero three three five Greenwich Mean Time. On Tuesday it had touched the figure eighty two decimal zero three dollar. It was the lowest price since 1, November.


Indian Food capable of saving lives

Indian Food

One can save one's life by eating Indian food. It might not be exactly so but according to one researcher from Saint Louis University, the spice found in curry, called curcumin can prevent or treat liver damage cropping up from advanced form of diseases associated with fatty liver.


Scientists said that plague originated from China

Scientists said that plague originated from China

Scientists opined that the first outbreak of plague occurred more than two thousand six years ago in China. The study of the disease’s DNA signature confirmed that and stated that the disease came to Europe from China via the trade route dubbed “Silk Road”.

With the findings the long-held doubts that plague originated from China came to an end. The disease in the middle ages has claimed almost one third of the total population of the Europe in the form of epidemic.


$ 149/ton is the iron ore index and Baosteel witnesses good demand


A major price index of iron ore saw a decline to reach a three-week low as there was less demand from the top buyer China even after the price offers were firm on Monday with tight supplies of the higher grade materials. According to China’s largest listed steel manufacturers, Baoshan Iron and Steel 600019. SS), they will see fair demand through out the year of 2011 in spite of uncertainties hovering over the sector. But the prices of iron ore needed for steelmaking should remain expensive as stated by the firm’s general manager, Mr. Ma Guoqiang.



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