Fording River Teck Workers Ratify New Contract

Fording River Teck Workers Ratify New Contract

A new deal has been signed between the Canada's largest diversified miner Teck Resources and its employees at its Fording River coal mine in British Columbia.

Gold Fields Buys Iamgold’s Stake in Ghana Mines for $667 Million

Gold Fields Buys Iamgold’s Stake in Ghana Mines for $667 Million

It seems that rise in gold prices has kick started business activity in the global gold market.

Canadian Currency Loses Most in Four Months on Japan Nuclear Plant Crisis

Canada’s dollar

The Canada’s dollar had lost the most after the blast in the fourth nuclear power- plant. The devastating earthquake and tsunami is affecting the Japanese economy very badly. The Canadian dollar has declined to its lowest level in last four months against the U. S. dollar. The major factor of the decline is the nuclear power- plant crisis caused by Japan’s worst earthquake.

The Canadian dollar is known as loonie. It has encountered its first weekly loss. Last month, the Group of Seven intervened in the foreign-exchange markets to stabilize the Japanese currency yen.

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