By 2020, Ericsson Aims to Have a Networked Society

By 2020, Ericsson Aims to Have a Networked Society

Yesterday, Technology Company Ericsson announced to bring 50 billion connections all over the world. With such an aim, it outlined its vision of having a “networked society” by 2020.

Edcon Works to Reduce Debt from Company Cash Flow

Edcon Works to Reduce Debt from Company Cash Flow

According to an announcement by Edcon’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Steve Binnie yesterday, the tight control the company placed on their operating expenses their working capital and their debtors

Economic Growth in North Africa Becomes Stagnant

North Africa

Economies in North Africa have suffered from being close to stagnation due to the instability and uncertainty that has plagued the entire geographic area lately, especially since the first few months

African National Congress Sorts out Manipulated Nominee List

African National Congress Sorts out Manipulated Nominee List

The African National Congress (ANC) is currently sorting out its election candidate list. Many have complained that the list has been manipulated by nominating their local communities.

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Today is unforgettable day from history when in August 1945 the United States threw atom bombs...

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UK News

Study Suggests Ducklings Might Be Smarter Than Previously Thought
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Do you think you’re smarter than ducklings that are capable of abstract thought? A new study has...


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Aetna inc., health care company, on Friday announced that it has signed a deal with Gilead...

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Uber acquires self-driving truck startup Otto
Tue, 08/23/2016 - 11:24

In a recent acquisition move, popular ride-hailing company Uber Technologies Inc. has taken over...

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Twitter allows influencers to monetize content in more ways and on bigger scale
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