IUCN Warns Over Black Rhino Extinction

IUCN Warns Over Black Rhino Extinction

According to reports, recently the Africa’s Western black rhino has been formally declared as the extinct species.

7th Billionth Baby Named After Health Minister Aronica Mashitisa

7th Billionth Baby

The 7th billionth baby has been born and is named Refilwe Aronica Mashitisa.

Vele Mining Project to Resume after Proper Licensing

Vele Mining Project to Resume after Proper Licensing

It has been revealed according to a recent report that Coal of Africa Ltd, from Australia, shall resume its mining activities after it shall get a license.

Numsa Strike in Momentum

Numsa Strike in Momentum

The strike by the National Union of Mental Work of South Africa (Numsa) has taken an ugly turn. The union has threatened that it will continue its strike unless and until their demands are addressed.

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