Stunning tide makes France’s Mont Saint-Michel an island

Stunning tide makes France’s Mont Saint-Michel an island

A wide ranging tide, which rushes in and out along the whole northern French coast, converted the famed Mont Saint-Michel into an island on Saturday and then returned.

The rare phenomenon offered stunning views to the tourists. The so-called “tide of the century” occurs once every 18 years on the northern coast. The tide affects the entire coast line but it is a spectacle at the Mont Saint-MichelUnesco world heritage site, which is normally linked to the mainland only by a narrow causeway at high tide.

The tide turned the Mont briefly into an island on Saturday as the low tide allowed the people to walk on the flat seabed. Several people in the abbey had come to witness the rare tide. Experts said that the surge was a few centimeters (inches) short of expectations and a larger tide was expected on Saturday night and the abbey was staying open until 10pm to accommodate visitors.

Officials said that there were about thirty thousand people reached Mont Saint-Michel on Saturday to see the "tide of the century". The location is surrounded by picturesque French landmark. Officials at France's Navy Oceanic and Hydrological Service (SHOM) had issued a warning for high tide on Saturday. They said that the tide could be dangerous for people venturing out too far.


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