New UCI tool can ‘tech’ Alexa to talk and control smart devices with custom commands

New UCI tool can ‘tech’ Alexa to talk and control smart devices with custom comm

Unified Computer Intelligence (UCI) has revealed in a recent announcement that it has launched a new tool which can 'teach' Alexa -- the voice-controlled virtual assistant which is part of the Amazon Echo interactive speaker -- to talk and control a wide range of smart devices with custom commands.

The tool being offered by UCI -- which has its portal hosted on Amazon Web Services -- is now available for free.

Sharing details about its new tool, UCI said that the tool also has the capability to train Alexa to automate home tasks through custom voice commands; as well as to create customized responses from Alexa for specific queries.

UCI further explained that the tool essentially involves the creation of a "skill" in a device, so that it can be registered as recognizable by Alexa. The registered devices become controllable by Alexa custom commands once they have been given specific names on the UCI portal on which the device names and commands are stored.

To avail the benefits of the new tool created by UCI, customers need to create an account on the UCI portal, and then link the account to the Amazon Alexa site. The device can be registered through a "lesson," which enables Alexa to take actions mapped to voice commands.

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