Microsoft adds new tournaments feature to Xbox Live

Microsoft adds new tournaments feature to Xbox Live

During a Wednesday presentation at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Microsoft announced that it has incorporated a new tournaments feature into Xbox Live, to enable developers to create as well as run eSports tournaments on Xbox Live.

The new tournaments feature added by Microsoft to Xbox Live is called the ‘Xbox Live Tournaments Program.’ It is essentially a preview toolkit for the developers to avail a number of customization options for implementing the eSports tournaments directly into Xbox Live.

Announcing the Xbox Live Tournaments Program, Jason Ronald – head of the Xbox Advanced Technology Group – said that the new program will be offered on Xbox One and Windows 10. Ronald also added that the program will leverage the Universal Windows Platform.

Describing Xbox Live as the “connective tissue” between all the devices in Microsoft’s ecosystem, Ronald said that, for the new Xbox Live Tournaments Program, the company has teamed up with competitive gaming companies like the Electronic Sports League and FaceIt.

Moreover, asserting that eSports is a trend which is “clearly here to stay,” Ronald said, in reference to the Xbox Live Tournaments Program: “If you’re a developer that’s already used to running your own tournaments, you can run your own tournaments. Everything from small, community-driven events up to large-scale pro events.”

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