Fossilized Wisdom Teeth May tell Difference between Modern Humans and Hominins

Fossilized Wisdom Teeth May tell Difference between Modern Humans and Hominins

Small size of wisdom teeth has baffled researchers since long. But now, they have an explanation to prove why there is difference in modern human and hominins’ teeth sizes.

A new study by Monash University researchers suggests that evolution of human was simpler than previously believed. It also showed that it is now easy to predict sizes of teeth missing from prehistoric human remains.

For the study, the researchers analyzed human teeth and hominins fossils to ensure that wisdom teeth follow ‘the inhibitory cascade’ rule, which states that size of a particular tooth depends on the size of the tooth next to it.

Fossilized teeth can be used to understand more about human ancestors and their evolution over the last seven million years, said Dr Alistair Evans, a researcher at the Monash University and lead author of the study. Also, ancient humans’ teeth can reveal why modern humans are different from hominis, Evans added.

Results of the study have given a pattern which shows that human evolution was much simpler than earlier thought, Dr Evans explained.

The researchers used data on modern humans and hominins remains over last several years, and 3D imaging to examine the fossilized teeth. After that, they applied the results to hominins and australopiths.

Dr Evans said the two groups of hominins follow the inhibitory cascade, but they are slightly different. “There seems to be a key difference between the two groups of hominins – perhaps one of the things that define our genus, Homo. We can then use this inhibitory cascade rule to help us predict the size of missing fossil teeth”, the researcher continued.

Researchers also examined modern humans’ teeth, including those housed at the Adelaide Dental Hospital.

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