Cambodia: Unlicensed medical practitioner sentenced for infecting more than 100 people with HIV

Cambodia: Unlicensed medical practitioner sentenced for infecting more than 100

On Thursday, an unlicensed medical practitioner has been sentenced 25 years in prison by A Cambodian court, after it found him guilty for spreading HIV infection among over 100 villagers by reusing un-sanitized syringes. His act took 10 lives.

A spokesman for the court in the northwestern province of Battambang said that Yem Chrin has been found at fault for cruel behavior that resulted in death, deliberately spreading HIV and practicing medicine being unlicensed. In October, his trial was carried out for over 5 days.

The 56-year-old practitioner, Yem Chrin, was arrested previous December. He was taken into protective custody as authorities were afraid that he could be hanged by Roka village natives, the village where around 106 of 800 people tested were diagnosed with HIV. As per the local newspapers, the figure was 300.

Chrin said that he had no intention of doing so, harming anybody and was just trying to aid natives of the community, where he practiced from 1996 to 2014.

The infected patients included people ranging in age from 3 to 82 and Buddhist monks as well. In 1998, Cambodia reported a peak HIV prevalence rate of 2.0%, but with the coming of a dedicated campaign for the promotion of safe sex, the figure dropped to an estimated 0.7% past year, as per the UN agency that spearhead the fight against AIDS worldwide.

Yem Chrin has also been ordered to pay a fine to the state and damages to the victims. The court spokesman said that he has been barred for life from practicing medicine again.

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