Tattoos could be good for health: Study

Tattoos could be good for health: Study

Getting inked could be a painful experience for body art lovers, who have most of their body covered with numerous tattoos. But you never would have thought these very tattoos are boosting your immune system. A study led by researchers from University of Alabama suggests that getting inked more than once could make you resistant to common cold.

Researchers have compared the body art that to gym for a starter. A person at initial days of hitting gym gets temporary pain the following day. But on repeating the exercise regimen, the pain fades away quickly. Similarly, getting a tattoo is a painful experience that may get better with time. However, if one keeps on getting inked again and again, the immune system gets tougher making one strong and gives ability to withstand the pain.

“After the stress response, your body returns to an equilibrium. However, if you continue to stress your body over and over again, instead of returning to the same set point, it adjusts its internal set points and moves higher”, said anthropology professor Christopher. Getting repeatedly inked also offers protection against cold as per new study. Immune system receives a boost on getting multiple tattoos.

To arrive to their findings, University of Alabama took into account the factor such as number of tattoos and time spent on each tattoo. Volunteers from a local tattoo shop in Leeds and Tuscaloosa help collect the data. With the help of local tattoo parlors, the researchers took saliva samples from customers. The samples of saliva were analyzed for levels of antibody immunoglobulin A and stress hormone cortisol.

The result indicated that participants who got one tattoo had their levels of increasing cortisol causing a fall in immunoglobulin A. On the contrary, in the case of those with multiple tattoos, levels of immunoglobulin A fell slightly which could be due to stronger immune system.

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