Solar Powered Flight, Solar Impulse 2 will Resume Its Round the World Journey from Hawaii

Solar Powered Flight, Solar Impulse 2 will Resume Its Round the World Journey fr

At a time when Hawaii is shifting its focus from fossil-fuel to a clean energy future, the Solar Impulse gears up to continue its journey from Hawaii to more mainland U.S destinations including for Phoenix, San Francisco, Los Angeles and then to Vancouver.

The Solar Impulse 2 team will resume their round the world solar-powered flight with technology partner ABB. The flight is set out to prove that renewables are an equally reliable power source and is cleaner.

The flight started its journey about one a year back with pilot André Borschberg behind the wheels. The plane set a record with its longest solo flying from Nagoya, Japan to Hawaii in four days 21 hours and 51 minutes. However, as it landed in Hawaii the plane was required to be grounded for a while because of battery damage resulting from overheating.

The solar powered plane spent the entire winter at Kalaeloa airport,, where the team repaired it and successfully conducted test several flights in Hawaii. It also conducted quite a number of high-altitude training flights with pilots, Borschberg and Bertrand Piccard. The plane is ready to take off from Hawaii and Piccard will be at the controls for the first lap as the journey continues with them ready to cross the rest of the Pacific.


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