Scientists said that plague originated from China

Scientists said that plague originated from China

Scientists opined that the first outbreak of plague occurred more than two thousand six years ago in China. The study of the disease’s DNA signature confirmed that and stated that the disease came to Europe from China via the trade route dubbed “Silk Road”.

With the findings the long-held doubts that plague originated from China came to an end. The disease in the middle ages has claimed almost one third of the total population of the Europe in the form of epidemic.

As many as seventeen strains of Y. pestis have been sequenced by an international team of scientists who then made a family tree based on genes of pathogens that transformed from one common ancestor.

According to “Frances Museum of Natural History who was a par of the research team ,from the result it can be aptly said that two thousand six hundred years back plague appeared in China for the first time.

Afterwards the disease, via the Silk Road came to Europe, at least six hundred years ago. Then it had spread over Africa probably by the expedition which was headed in the 15th century by the Chinese seafarer Zhang He.

Plague got spread over the US via Hawaii in the last part of the nineteenth century as per the data of the study.

It had hit California via the port of San Francisco and Los Angeles before going to inland.

According to the museum’s statement to press the study had pointed out specific transformation of the bacterium indicating their evolution within specific geographical regions.

But the study particularly shows that the successive epidemic waves of the disease started off from China and Central Asia. It further stated that from the investigation other scary bacterial disease like anthrax tuberculosis can be traced.

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