Researchers create First Human Brain-to-Brain Interface

Researchers create First Human Brain-to-Brain Interface

A team of researchers has announced the success transmission of information between humans over long distance. The team has successfully sent messages over a distance of 5,000 miles without performing invasive surgery.

The team has tested the experiment on four participants aged between 28 to 50 years.
One of the participants was attached to brain-computer interface (BCI) in India. The participant was transmitting the thought through BCI, while three other participants, sitting in France, were assigned to receive the thought.

The participant, transmitting the thought in India, was shown words. Brain-computer interface had translated the words in binary language. The participant had to imagine the actions for every piece of information.

The participants were allowed to move their hands and legs for information in binary. For example, for a 1, participants could move their hands. On the other side, for a 0, they had to move their legs.

The thoughts of a participant were recorded with a technique called electroencephalogry. The technique is able to record brain signal from outside. The recorded messages were sent via internet.

At the receiver end in France, brain's visual cortex from the outside was stimulated with electromagnetic induction technique. The technique had also successfully passed on the signal to the three other participants.

According to Alvaro Pascual-Leone, co-author of report, the researchers were trying to find out if a person could directly transfer a message to another person by reading out brain activity from one person and injecting it to second person.

Alvaro Pascual-Leone further said, “Could we develop an experiment that would bypass the talking or typing part of internet and establish direct brain-to-brain communication between subjects located far away from each other in India and France”.


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