Poultry Farmers ask Government to tackle Bird Flu

Poultry Farmers ask Government to tackle Bird Flu

Poultry farmers in Plateau have raised concerns over the relentlessness of bird flu. They called the government to take actions to ensure prevention of poultry from new strains of avian flu, which pose a serious threat to the nation's economy.

The farmers also clamored for release of payments as compensation for those whose farms were quarantined. Alhaji Moshood Okanlawon, one of the poultry farmers, had to say that bird flu has negative economic implications for the nation's economy and thrashes the lucrative poultry business.

Another farmer, Mrs. Rebecca Okafor, said the disease was detected in more than 700 of her birds, resulting her farm being quarantined. Okafor said her farm was used to produce over 75 crates of eggs and chickens on weekly basis before the disease badly impacted her farm.

Mrs. Gladys Okafor, the Public Relations Officer, Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN) in Plateau, said the group is leaving no stone unturned to ensure compensation is provided to farmers whose farms were quarantined.

The US government is also developing a vaccine to ensure poultry is protected from new strains of avian flu. The disease has badly affected the farmers who provide the crops, the feeds millers and finally the poultry farmers.