Packaged macaroni, cheese contain unhealthy chemicals: Study

Packaged macaroni, cheese contain unhealthy chemicals: Study

Packaged macaroni and cheese may be containing high levels dangerous chemicals known as phthalates, health experts have warned.

In a small study of 30 different cheese products, including natural cheese products, block or string cheese, processed cheese slices and the cheese powder in packaged macaroni and cheese; experts found evidence of the chemical in 29 products they tested.

They also found that natural cheese products had the lowest levels of phthalates, while processed cheeses were found to have the highest levels of the chemical.

The Environmental Health Strategy Center’s Mike Belliveau said, “They are used in the plastic tubing, the plastic gloves, and the gaskets all along the food supply chain.”

The study, which hasn’t been published in a peer reviewed journal, was conducted by a syndicate of environmental health advocacy groups called the Coalition for Safer Food Processing & Packaging.

Phthalates are a family of potentially dangerous chemicals that are commonly used in plastics, adhesives, soaps, rubbers and fragrances. These chemicals are not deliberately added into foods, but they somehow make their way into foods through the manufacturing process.


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