New study vindicates giant impact theory vindicated

New study vindicates giant impact theory vindicated

A new study by researchers from Israel and France has vindicated the giant impact theory following years of mystery surrounding the evolution of the moon.

Alessandra Mastrobuono-Battisti, astrophysicist and HagaiPerets from Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, worked with French scientist Sean Raymond from University of Bordeaux in France, on the new study, titled "A primordial origin for the compositional similarity between the Earth and the Moon."

Mastrobuono-Battisti said, "In terms of composition, the Earth and moon are almost twins, their compositions differing by at most few parts in a million. This contradiction has cast a long shadow on the giant-impact model."

The new study vindicated the theory by comparative chemistry of the Earth and the Moon. The study shows for the first time that the Moon could have been formed from a catastrophic collision between a proto-planetary Earth and a Mars-sized proto-planet that had a similar chemical composition to Earth. They prepared a computer simulation to show the likely patterns of collisions between planetary bodies and found a consistent pattern between different variations.

The theory says that the Moon was formed from debris left from collision betweenEarth and proto planet called Theia. As per experts, 60 per cent of the Moon should be composed of chemical material derived from Theia but analysis of moon rocks shows it is almost identical to that of the Earth. This contradicted the theory but the study vindicated the giant impact theory of origin of the Moon by resolving the mystery surrounding the identical chemical compositions of the Earth and Moon.

The study was published in the journal Nature.


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