Mathematicians mark Pi Day

Mathematicians mark Pi Day

Mathematicians around the world are celebrating the unique Pi Day, which marks the discovery of the pi. The valueof pi is 3.1415, which is to find out a circle's circumference from knowing its diameter. Math enthusiasts celebrate
14th of March as pi day that starts with 3.14 and goes on to infinity and computers have calculated to 10 trillion digits. It is simply the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter.

This year's Pi day is special because of the date as it matches the first five digits of Pi 3.1415, not just the first three as usual. The next digits are 92653, which means that several people will mark the I Day celebration at 9:26 p. m. and 53 seconds. The Pi has existed for 4,000 years since Babylonians figured out that pi was about 3 in the years 1900 BC while Greek mathematician Archimedes calculated it to be 22/7. A more accurate figure is used today by the mathematician community.

Teachers said that an event that promotes the application of math is a good opportunity for the schools to make learning more fun for the students and increase interests in the subject.

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