Lava approaches Homes in Hawaii

Lava approaches Homes in Hawaii

Weeks after slow, stop-and-go movement of lava from the Hawaii's Kilauea volcano, Tuesday saw the destruction of a wooden shed as lava crept closer to homes in a Big Island community.

The lava flow swept down an empty shed at around 7:30 am. This was several hours after lava entered a residential property in Pahoa Village, as reported by Darryl Oliveira, Hawaii County Civil Defense Director.

This branch of the molten stream lava was less than the length of a football field. It is estimated that if this lava continues on the current path at this pace then it will soon hit the houses that are located in the area.

Most of the residents of the Pahoa Village where this lava is likely to cause destruction have either already left or are all prepared to go. The commercial center of this island's rural Puna district that is located south of Hilo had weeks to prepare for what's been described as a slow-motion disaster.

It is said that the current pace of lava will hit at least 50 or 60 structures. These include homes and businesses.

Providing the required insight into the ongoing situation, civil defense officials on Tuesday reported that the lava was about 500 yards from Pahoa Village Road, which runs through downtown and is one of the town's main roads.
Janet Babb, a spokeswoman for the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, stated that the flow's advance has been inconsistent, ranging from about 2 to 20 yards per hour, depending on topography.

Oliveira said, "You can only imagine the frustration as well as ... despair they're going through".

The public was being warned about the lava by scientists from August 22 onwards. This was right after the residents of Puna district were cleaning up from a tropical storm.

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