An Irish homeowner discovers Huge Arachnid in His Home in Cork

An Irish homeowner discovers Huge Arachnid in His Home in Cork

Gavyn O'Donovan, an Irish homeowner, has shared a number of images and videos of a large spider that he found in his house in the south of the country. While speaking to the Sunday World, he said that the huge arachnid was discovered in his kitchen at his home in Cork.

The 37-year-old from Cork city added that the spider was nearly the size of his hand, and had another smaller spider along with it. Mr. O'Donovan mentioned that he has no idea regarding what species it could be, but has guessed it to be cardinal spider or a wolf spider.

Arachnid experts issued a warning earlier this month saying that huge spiders were ready to invade Irish homes looking for partners. Irish arachnologist Myles Nolan said that the spiders will be coming indoors in huge numbers because they go on hunt for a plenty of breeding partners during the autumn months.

Myles Nolan added, “Giant might be too strong a word to use for these spiders but they certainly are large. They can have a leg span of up to 3cm which might be intimidating to those who are fearful of them”. Myles Nolan mentioned that the spiders mature throughout the summer and by the end of August and in autumn they are mature enough for matting and start looking for females to mate with.


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