Here are some factors based on which first-ever outpost on Mars should be selected

Here are some factors based on which first-ever outpost on Mars should be select

Mars mission is highly important and so are questions related to it. Discussions are on about where should first-ever outpost be set up on Mars. It cannot be a random choice as there are some pre-requisites that should be accomplished for an area to be selected where the first group of astronauts will land on Mars.

As per experts, the ideal site would be the one having high scientific value so that researchers are able to explore the planet and look out for the signs of life there. The site should be the one, which has sufficient amount of resources to help sustain expeditionary crews.

These points were made at the First Landing Site/Exploration Zone Workshop for Human Missions to the Surface of Mars organized from October 27 to October 30 at the Lunar and Planetary Institute. In the event, around 175 people were present and another 280 were connected through the internet.

The one-of-its-kind workshop focused on one of the main exploration questions that which is the best place where astronauts should set on Mars. James Green, director of planetary science at NASA Headquarters in Washington, DC, termed the workshop as historic.

Green thinks that the meeting will act as a turning point in the plan to reach Mars. “We have really turned the corner. It's now time for us to get busy and make that vision happen. But in reality, to make it real, we need real locations”, said Green.

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