Healthcare Enrollment Will Be Much Easier This Year, Say Experts

Healthcare Enrollment Will Be Much Easier This Year, Say Experts

Local experts in United States predict that open enrollment period might run smoother this year. Brenda Jackson, the county's director of Social Services, on Tuesday night, in a panel discussion on the health law hosted by the Cumberland County Library, said that last year was a little annoying for people who have been trying hard to get their enrollments done.

Jackson stated that in her view this year more people will get themselves enrolled because of the penalty that is imposed on individuals who do not have health coverage. The penalties on persons who do not have their health coverage have risen from $95 to $325 per person.

Medicaid enrollment will also be easier this year because the technical glitches that troubled both the federal health insurance marketplace and the state's benefit tracking system will be cleared.

It was reported that in North Carolina, hundreds of thousands of residents were left without coverage under the law as the state denied expanding Medicaid.

Moderator Tim White, opinion editor for The Fayetteville Observer, asked the panelists to try to find out some other option other than the Affordable Care act that can help to expand health coverage.

It is too early to pass a judgment on the affordable Care Act, said Janel Lewis, a certified application counselor with Stedman-Wade Health Services. She said there are hundreds of other people who did not enroll them under the coverage due to the fact that they were not aware of the financial assistance available to them.

In addition, she said that they were not able to reach out to everyone. She asserted that the only issue with the Affordable Act is that it is not user-friendly.

Kelly Vadney, a reference librarian with the Cumberland County Library, said that the libraries are making every possible effort to provide their communities the quality information.

Kelly said, "There's a lot of information out there, but also misunderstanding ... We definitely want to be there for the community and make sure they're getting reliable information and reliable resources and the connections they need to help them in their daily lives".

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