Health experts say Killer hornets might reach the UK

Health experts say Killer hornets might reach the UK

Health experts in the United Kingdom have warned that the hornets that have killed six people in France could reach the UK.

Defra has issued a warning to the UK beekeepers about the Asian hornets that resulted in the deaths of six people in France after they went into anaphylactic shock on being stung by the insects. These hornetscan grow up to 3ins long, eat bees and usually nest high in trees or on the sides of buildings. These hornets carry a potent sting and people are being warned about not to reach for the nests. Experts said that the species has not been spotted in the UK yet but the warming weather might attract them to the country and especially in the southern coasts.

The British Beekeepers Association says, "Vespa velutina, sometimes known as the Asian hornet, is an invasive non-native species from Asia. It has recently arrived in France where it is spreading rapidly.As a highly effective predator of insects, including honey bees and other beneficial species, it can cause significant losses to bee colonies, other native species and potentially ecosystems. Although it is not yet present in the UK, it is considered likely to arrive soon."

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