Facebook launches new Snapchat-like app specifically for emerging markets

Facebook launches new Snapchat-like app specifically for emerging markets

In a late Tuesday announcement, social network Facebook said that it is launching a new app -- another clone of the Snapchat ephemeral messaging app -- specifically for the world’s emerging markets in which Wi-Fi is scarce and connectivity is weak.

The new Snapchat-like messaging app launched by Facebook for the emerging markets is called ‘Flash.’ The app – which does not take up much storage or data – is basically a lightweight version of Snapchat, which does not have a strong hold on potential users of messaging apps in emerging markets.

The launch of the new Flash app by Facebook underscores yet another attempt by the social network to create a legitimate Snapchat competitor. Facebook has earlier made two attempts – the Poke and the Slingshot apps – to pose a substantial challenge to Snapchat, but both the attempts had failed.

In announcing the launch of the Flash app, Facebook said that the size of the app is “less than 25 MB;” that is, approximately one-third the size of Snapchat’s Android app on Google’s new Pixel smartphone.

About the launch of Facebook’s new Flash app, Product Manager George Wang said that the company launched the app late Tuesday on the Android platform in its first market --- Brazil. Wang also added that Facebook plans to launch the app in other emerging markets as well, but did not share any details about the markets in which the app will be launched.

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