Facebook launches new mobile ad format called ‘Canvas’

Facebook launches new mobile ad format called ‘Canvas’

Social network Facebook announced the launch of a new mobile ad format on Thursday. The format is called ‘Canvas;’ and it will enable advertisers to create interactive ads which unfold a better user experience than current ads.

The new ads created with the help of the Canvas ad platform will be mobile-only ads, and will be available on iOS as well as Android.

According to the details shared by Facebook, the new ‘Canvas’ ad format will essentially pave the way for advertisers to develop attractive, mobile-native ads -- complete with images and video -- which can be served up directly in the Facebook users’ News Feed.

Since the ads created using the ‘Canvas’ format will show up in the News Feed, just like a regular sponsored post, the roll out of the ads will be quite similar to that of Instant Articles. The user experience kicks off with just one click, taking the Facebook users to the new ad unit.

Highlighting the fact that the new ‘Canvas’ ad format will result in a faster loading of ads, Facebook said in a press release: "Canvas helps advertisers achieve any objective by giving businesses a fully customizable digital space on which to build multimedia stories."

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