Extinct Bat Found in New Guinea after over 100 Years

Extinct Bat Found in New Guinea after over 100 Years

The big-eared extinct bat was spotted in 1890 for the last time. Experts were not able to figure out the reason behind the sudden disappearance of this breed despite making best efforts, but all in vain. However, the extinct bat was spotted recently by a group of scientists from Australia. The announcement to spot the bat has come after 124 years in the forests of New Guinea's Papua area.

Dr. L. Loria from Italy was the first scientist who found this extinct species. She said it was from vesper bat's species. The area where she found the bat species was in British New Guinea and it is also called as southeastern Papua New Guinea.

More than 45 specimen of that bat were collected by her at that time. But after that, the bat disappeared and nobody has seen the bat since then. The species has been put in Red List by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature because of being in very less number and a rare species. The bat was named 'possibly instinct'.

But, the New Guinea big-eared bat, which had not been seen for over a century, was recently captured by student researchers Catherine Hughes and Julie Broken-Brow from the University of Queensland. They trapped the bat in Papua New Guinea in July 2012. At that time, the bat was flying in an open area by a logged rainforest now predominantly covered by grasslands. The details of the capture of the bat have been reported in Records of the Australian Museum.

"We set out to set up traps to catch microbats, detect their calls and to build a reference call library of the area. One day we set up a hard trap on the edge of a logged forest and vast grassland and luckily enough we caught one", Catherine Hughes, a student who caught the specimen, said.


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