Aliso Canyon Storage Facility Reports a New Oil and Gas Leak; Leaked Methane from Storage Facilities add to Global Warming

Aliso Canyon Storage Facility Reports a New Oil and Gas Leak; Leaked Methane fro

An extensive environmental study shows that the oil and gas industry is adding large amount of methane to the atmosphere. The odorless, colorless methane gas keeps seeping out of the storage wells at a large number of natural gas facilities in the United States.

Environmental Defense Fund, nonprofit organizations researchers used infrared cameras that scanned for methane leaks at more than 8,000 U.S locations.

Methane is a primary element in natural gas but is one of the most potent greenhouse gases. This gas is responsible for ten percent of the total greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. The EDF says methane has eighty four times greater warming power compared to carbon dioxide in the first twenty years which is present in the atmosphere.

According to the estimates of environmental group, reducing the amount of methane emissions globally by forty five 45 percent can have the same short-term gain as closing down a thousand coal-fired power plants.

Governments are stressing on less use of coal powered plants and making attractive alternatives to coal. But methane leaks at facilities can trim these benefits by a huge scale.

In the Southern California Gas Co's Aliso Canyon gas storage field, a gas leak in October, displaced thousands of residents from neighborhood Porter Ranch area. The company says there is a new natural gas and oil leak in the facility.

On Saturday, California Governor's Office of Emergency of Services was informed that a well in the Aliso Canyon gas storage field has given out fifty odd gallons of oil spray and some amount of natural gas.


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