Stock Markets

Stocks of South Africa went up

Stock Markets

FTSE/JSE Africa All Share Index of South Africa grew by one hundred and thirty two decimal seven three which is equivalent to zero decimal four percent to reach thirty one thousand six hundred and ninety two decimal eight zero which was its highest since the month of June 2008 at the closing hours in Johannesburg.

As a result of the move the measured increased zero decimal eight percent in this week which is its eleven consecutive hikes.


Johannesburg Stock exchange burdened by declining resources

Johannesburg Stock exchange

On Friday morning in the opening session the Johannesburg stock Exchange started it's trading on a weaker note as it was burdened by the declining resources prices and mining sectors, On top of that the global market seemed weaker.

According to one of the local analysts the trade might accelerate in due course of the day depending on several foreign factors.


Net1 UEPs shares declined with Q1 earnings dropping

Net 1 UEPS Technologies Inc

On Wednesday the shares of Net 1 UEPS Technologies Inc. saw a decline after the electronic payments company based in South Africa stated that its net income went down by almost sixty percent. This happened due to the new terms brought in regarding the government contracts as well as higher expenses witnessed by the company.


Stocks of South Africa declined for BHP Billiton, Anglo and Lonmin, Telkom

BHP Billiton, Anglo

In this week the FTSE/ JSE Africa All share Index of South Africa fell for the second time. It lost zero decimal five percent or one hundred and forty four decimal three one amounting to thirty one thousand five hundred and seventeen decimal eight three at the closing session of Johannesburg.

There are some names of the most active stocks in the exchanges of South Africa.


JSE ended in a good note

 JSE remained

The JSE remained in the black until the closing ring on Wednesday with hopes that the US Federal Reserve will take a decision of a new round of quantitative easing (QE2) which was also widely expected everywhere.

The Open Market Committee of the Fed of the US will unveil its plans of further quantitative easing at quarter past eight in the evening

Kevin Algeo, the portfolio manager at Imara SP Reid stated that mining stocks, retailers and banks, especially iron ore producers, did well portfolio manager at Imara SP Reid, said.

To end the scarcity of money market tools Bahrain plans to sell Islamic debt

To end the scarcity of money market tools Bahrain plans to sell Islamic debt

Islamic, debt due in six months or less will be sold by Bahrain, the only amongst countries in the Persian Gulf. The nation has plans for issuing additional securities for helping the investment and management of money of the Shariah-complaint banks.

Regulators, starting from Bahrain to Malaysia are all trying for hiking the instruments, which are available to Islamic banks, as the lenders are forced to keep excess amount of liquidity with central banks or kept invested in long-term securities because of the scarcity of money-market tools.


With dollar strengthening and crude stockpile rising Oil stocks decline

Stocks saw a fall today for the first time after gaining for four days in a row as investors demand for raw material lessened with the apporeciation of dollar and traders pointed out that the stockpiles of oil in the US are rising.

Oil futures fell in the tune of zero decimal six percent as dollar got appreciated versus almost all the currencies except one out of sixteen most traded currencies.



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